Fort Sam Houston Projects
San Antonio, Texas

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

Arizpe was selected to be the Post A/E for 5 years at Fort Sam Houston from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Fort Worth District. Arizpe was chosen due to extensive experience in facilities renovations and the commitment to professional design with the goal of long-term sustainability and energy conservation.

Arizpe was commissioned to restore the historical integrity of the Quadrangle, including the buildings and clock tower located in the center plaza and to upgrade and modernize all interiors to satisfy current mission requirements. This project was recognized by the San Antonio Conservation Society and given an award for historical restoration work.

B2264, a 140,000 SF three-story building built in 1927 was completely renovated by Arizpe to meet the changing needs of modern users. This project serves as an excellent example of Arizpe’s expertise and capabilities. Arizpe completed an environmental (HAZMAT) study, building A/E assessment, construction documents and a value engineering study. Arizpe also wrote the Design/Build request for proposals.

Among other FSH assignments were projects including historical restoration, barracks renovations, converting a youth center into JAG court rooms, office facility modernization, and a 1937 theater conversion to an audio-visual conferencing center. Arizpe also designed a 4 field baseball complex including a 2-story concession and scoring booth building, memorial park and conversion of a 79,000 SF Post Laundry Building into a pavilion for concerts and other post activities.

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FSH_5G00_cover.dgnBldg 161_1FSH_6FSH_1FSH_2Theater_3Theater_1Theater_2FSH_4FSH_3